President Trump Plans To Militarize The U.S.-Mexico Border, Mexico Seeks Clarification

The Mexican government is asking for clarification on President Trump comments that he plans to militarize the U.S-Mexico border. The President in a statement yesterday said that he plans to send troops along the Southern border to stop illegal crossing from the side of the border till the proposed wall fence is built.


The Mexican ambassador to the U.S, Gerónimo Gutiérrez said on Tuesday while on CNN, that he had spoken to the  Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen about the comment, Gerónimo said;

The Mexican government has formally asked for clarification of the president's statements, both through the State Department and the Homeland Security Department.  The important thing is that both countries share the idea of having a secure border, We don't always agree in how to achieve that objective, and I do expect that, in the next few hours, we will get clarification on this issue.

He also said that the latest development by the U.S government will not be welcome by the Mexican government, but the country still needs clarification on the statement by the Trump's administration.

One of President Trump strong election campaign was to build a giant wall along the Mexican border, and have also promised his voters that the Mexican government will pay for it, something Mexico has denied, and has said it won't pay for the Trump's wall.