Rape And Killing Of 7 Year Old Zainab Ansari Sparks Outrage

A riot in Pakistan has killed 2 people protesting the gruesome murder of a 7 year old Pakistani girl, Zainab Ansari. The body of the young girl was found in a trash bin four days after she was abducted by a yet unknown person.

The death of Zainab makes it the 12th person to be raped and murdered in the past year in the Kasur district, Pakistan. The people are now fighting back in what they see as police negligence in arresting the  perpetrator of the horrific acts.


The death was caused as the protesters throw sticks and stones, while some shoot bullets at the local police station. 

The police have now released footage of the rapist while he takes away the young girl. At the time of the kidnapping, Zainab parent were out of the country on a pilgrimage, and returned to the country on Wednesday.

Ameen, Zainab father while releasing a statement about his daughter's death said;

We are going to try and not bury our child until the issue has been properly resolved. We are going to appeal to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, to the army chief of Pakistan, and everyone that has daughters.

While the mother cries for justice for her daughter's killer. She said;

I want justice. I want justice. I don't know anything else. I just want justice. I do not have Zainab with me any more.


                                                   Zainab's burial


The country's civilian and military leadership, with Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has also called for immediate action on finding the perpetrators of the evil act. Also, the inspector general of police has been asked to submit the report of the incident to the Punjab court.

Celebrities, sportsmen in the country has also called for the government intervention that protect girls against violence.