Read New macOS Sierra Review

Mac user has just gotten a new major update to their OS as Apple release, MacOS Sierra. According to Apple, MacOS Sierra is "a major update to the world’s most advanced desktop operating system."

The OS is available for download for any Mac user running the El Capitan, by clicking update on the App store.


What is new in MacOS Sierra and why should user update to this "advanced desktop operating system"

SIRI On Your Mac

Looks like SIRI finally talk his way to the Mac, and the Apple personal assistant that makes you go"Hey Siri" will now talk with you the Mac too. It will help you search for things on your Mac by listening to your needs.

It is easily accessible from the dock, menu bar or the keyboard.

Siri will help you search for a saved document, add a meeting to your calendar, or start a Facetime call on your behalf.

The new Siri on the Mac can be asked to increase the screen brightness, start screensavers or turn off the WIFI. 

Apple Watch Unlocks The New Mac OS.

The new Mac will now allow you to use the Apple watch to unlock the Mac, without inserting the password. You will be allowed access to the computer when your Apple watch is nearby, and it is authenticated, it will automatically unlock the Mac.

Documents/Desktop Synchronization

You can now have files on your desktop or documents folder, you will be able to access it on any Mac, iOS devices, iCloud for windows or even a PC.

The new Mac OS Sierra allows you to access your files or desktop from anywhere. When you save your documents or desktop, your documents of files are in the documents folder or on the desktop of the other Mac you logged into.


You can now enjoy different programs on your desktop with the new Sierra update. This can be you trying to work with your emails, and also watch the debate or watch the stock market graph at the same time on your desktop.

You can float video over other programs on your desktop. You will be able to resize, pin or drag the video to any part of the screen you want it to be.

Pay Online With Ease

We have seen the Apple pay on the iPad, Apple Watch and iPad last year, and now it is coming to the Mac with the new Sierra update. 

Apple pay for the Mac will allow you to make private and secured purchases on the website that already participates in the Apple pay program. You will no longer need to share your credit card numbers with any merchant again, and your information are also not stored with Apple servers or your device.

Look out for the Apple pay button on checkout on your favourite shopping sites to complete purchase with Touch ID on your iPhone or by using your Apple Watch.


The new Itunes now has a better new design, bring greater clarity, simplicity and experience to the new OS. The new design will allow you enjoy the music and also the new structure also will allow easy navigation and better music discovery.

Optimised Storage

You can free up space on your Mac by storing files on your iCloud. Optmized storage frees up storage on your Mac by storing your important files, document, images, music and attachment but not regularly used on the iCloud, and making them available on demand