Review Of Google Home As Price Tag Drop To $99 For Black Friday Deal

The new Google gadget, Google home connected WIFI speaker will be available for $99 starting from November 23 for a limited of time. The black Friday deal will allow customer to purchase the new Google assistant while saving $30 as part of the Black Friday deal.

Google home will be available in U.S stores, and customer can start picking up the their smart speaker from all Google home sellers, such as Walmart, Target and Google store.


The smart speaker can perform different activities, such as, making a list, setting the timer, scheduling and updating the calendar, accessing the internet, calculating, setting on and setting off the alarm clock.

Owner of the new gadget can also have fun by asking fun facts, get their next flight information, give news updates on sports, politics,traffic information,the weather and a lot more.

Other features of the Google Home gadget can be seen here

Google Home Review


The Google home is an amazing, smart WIFI speaker, though similar to the Amazon Echo, the Google home in terms of price is $50 cheaper to the Amazon Echo, and also customizable than the Amazon Echo, because you can swap the bases to choose the metal or cloth one in different colours.

Design And Features

Google home comes with a white and grey base, but you can get the orange, purple or teal fabric base for another $20; and for an extra $40 you can get a metal version in black, white, or copper.

The angled top of the device is touch-sensitive, and with a "Ok Google" or "Hey Google", the top illuminates with Google multi-coloured dots. You can use the surface to change the volume, start or stop music, change a request, turn or turn off the timer.

You can also turn off the microphone at any time not in use to make sure the device is not listening.

There are two-far field microphones that can pick up your command from at least 850-square-foot condo. 

Getting the gadgets up and running only needs you to download the Google Home app on your android/iOS phone, walk through some few step, and issue your first command.