Saudi Arabia Football Team Fail To Honour Victims Of The London Terror Attack

The Saudi Arabia football team doesn't feel like respecting the victims of the London terror attack during a football match. The team were booed by Australian football fans after they failed to properly lined up for a minute of silence honour of the victims of the terror attack that happened recently in London.


The Saudi Arabia team was going to meet the Australian team for their World Cup qualifier at the Adelaide Oval, when the announcer announced the minute silence for the victims, and the Australia team team linked arms in a line on the centre circle, but the Saudi team stayed at Random formation on the field.

Also, members of the Australian team stood still for the honour silence, while the members of the Saudi team were on their sit, while some of the players continued to warm up.

Australians also shared their outrage on social media.

Eight people were recently killed in London when 3 Muslim Jihadists attack civilians and kill them in London.

Australians beat Saudi Arabia 3-2.