Senegal Bans Burqa Amidst Fear That Boko Haram Might Be Extending To The Country

The Boko Haram terrorist group known for disrupting peace in the Northern Eastern part of Nigeria might be trying to extend his terror campaign to Senegal, prompting the immediate ban of the Burqa nationwide in Senegal.

According to the interior minister in Senegal, Abdoulaye Daouda, women are no longer allowed to wear the Burqa, which only leaves the eyes opened, an important decision  to stop terrorist from using the Burqa as a disguise material.


Senegal has not experienced any terrorist attack recently, but authorities are concerned that the Nigeria terrorist cell, which invaded the Chad and Cameroon, might be extending his reach to Senegal after five of the members associated with the terror cell was arrested by police in a nationwide crackdown.

Muslims in Senegal are estimated to be 92%, and the Burqa ban has raised debate about national security with religious freedom. A Dakar-based researcher while sharing his view on the ban, said "Its imposition in Senegal will cause social instability … there is a delicate line between preventive measures and respect for individual freedoms"

A Muslim leader and member of parliament, Mbaye Niang, said that the new law is to protect Islam. "We should not allow someone to cover their entire body like terrorists do. This is a tradition of some countries, but it has nothing to do with Islam, the reason terrorists use this method was because they wanted to attack the religion"