Shakil Afridi, Man Who Helped US Defeat Osama Bin Laden Forgotten In Prison Since 2011

Killing Osama Bin Laden was one of the Obama administration victory, and a boost for the American Navy seal too, but behind the scene in killing Osama Bin Laden is a forgotten doctor, Shakil Afridi, who helped Navy Seal confirmed their target by using a vaccination scam used to track and kill Bin Laden.


The Pakistani intelligence was greatly embarrassed and frustrated that the US could conduct a raid in their territory without telling them, moreover, the raid was conducted at a close very close to the Pakistani military base. The Pakistani military sees it as a threat to its sovereignty.

Shakil Afridi uses a fake hepatitis vaccination program to get DNA from the Bin Laden family, so as to allow the US intelligence pinpoint his location. For his cooperation with the US, the Pakistani are yet to charge him with the connection to the Bin Laden operation.

Qamar Nadeem Afridi while speaking to the Associated Press said that the Shakil Afridi has not seen his lawyers since 2012, and the only people allowed to see him are his wife and children. His file later disappeared, delaying a court case that has not even started. The court later told his lawyer a prosecutor is not available.

Saying his name could get you killed as well. The lawyer said that one of his lawyers was gunned down outside his Peshawar home, and aother  Peshawar jail deputy superintendent who advocated on his behalf was also gunned down.

Donald Trump while speaking to Fox news in April 2016 said he would get Shakil Afridi out in 2minutes, because the US supports Pakistan in aid, but are not getting anything in return from Pakistan. 

If charged with treason, Afridi would have the rights to public hearing, numerous appeals all the way to the supreme court. This will allow the information the information of the raid to be public, and both military and civilian don't want this to happen.

Is Shakil Afridi forgotten in Pakistani jail?