South Carolina Judge Declared mistrial Against Cop Who Shot Walter Scott

Jurors on Monday were unable to reach an unanimous verdict in the case of a white former police officer, Michael Slager, charged with murder in the shooting and killing of black motorist, Walter Scott. Therefore a South Carolina judge,Clifton Newman has declared a mistrial.


The judge had asked jurors to deliberate on the case, but the jurors declare later they were unable to reach a decision, after deliberating for 22 hours a day for 4 days.

The video footage of Michael shooting Walter appeared online and attracted attention when the former police officer shot Walter with eight bullets from his gun while he was running away from him, and then placing a Taser near his body.

The deliberations of the case started on December 1st, and on Friday, one of the jurors was unwilling to convict Micheal Slager. A lot of criticism has also been poured out on the selection of the juror after the jurors for the case were all white, with just a black person, despite that the Charleston county where the shooting was done was 28% black community.

It was also reported that the juror that was unwilling to find Michael Slager guilty for the shooting was white.

Slager was fired from the police force, and later charged with murder after the video that shows him shooting Walter Scott was released.

According to a group, #bluelivesmatter, that in the past have denied the case of police brutality against black people could not justify Scott's actions.