Stop Buying Iran Oil, US Warns The World

A US official is currently on a tour to both European and Asian countries, asking that they stop buying oil from Iran. The countries are instructed to stop oil import before November from Iran or face US sanctions.

This new move by the Trump administration is to cut off funding for Iran, by asking countries to cut oil imports from Iran. In a statement by the unidentified official with a reporter, he said; "Over the past few weeks, I've been in Europe and Asia garnering support for our Iran strategy. … We're gonna isolate streams of Iranian funding." when asked it the US we be granting waivers for those that don't, the official said "We view this as one of our top national security priorities. I would be hesitant to say zero waivers ever. I think the predisposition would be to say we're not granting waivers."


The import ban does not only applies to US allies, but also to China and India, who are the biggest buyers of Iranian oil. The official said that US is asking the countries to go to zero import, else their companies will be sanctioned.

All the countries have till November 4, and they should start reducing now. That's what we've been telling them in our bilateral meetings.” The official said.