Straight Talk : A Nigeria Passport Or Iranian Passport, Which One Would You Choose?

There was a little discussion about which country passport, you would like to have as a person. Nigerians have always faced difficulty with their green passport in most part of the world due to what it's citizens have done and attract not much of a respect, Iranian on the other hands are more attributed to war, and a lot of people still remembers its war with Iraq, even though the country is bouncing back.



So on the first edition of straight talk, we decide to speak with a Nigerian on the type of passport he would prefer, considering the 2 countries are looked down upon. This is a personal opinion and you can comment to say what you think about it.

Iran seems to be getting it right, but Nigeria is on the verge of electing a new leader and corruption is the menu of the day in Nigeria. As a Nigeria in diaspora, and as the treatment you subjected to every time you away from home. Which of the 2 country passport would you prefer to hold. 


It will be good to read latest news on both countries economy, and what you really facing as a Nigerian at the moment. 

Please be nice about your comments.