Swap : We will exchange the girls for our brothers in Nigerian prisons + Video

Report reaching us at the moment is that the current hashtag BringBackOurGirls is giving new hope to the Nigeria government and mothers of the 276 abducted girls as the leader of the dreaded group Boko Haram showed the girls in an unknown forest reciting the first verse of the Quran. We should remind readers that abducted girls are mostly christians.

In the video clip also shows the spokesperson of the Boko Haram sect telling the Nigeria government that they will release the girls only if their brothers captured by the armed forces of Nigeria are released to them as soon as possible. As at the time of this writing, the Nigeria governement said, all hands and alternative methods are on deck, but the government is not ready to negotiate with terrorist as this is it's policy.

The protest of the abducted girls is still ongoing in some part in Nigeria as Nigerians have took to the street with cards that displays #BringBackOurGirl. We will bring you more news as more news unfold on this trending issue.#BringBackOurGirls



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