Trump Security Adviser Threatens Russia Saying It Will Pay A "Huge Price" For Supporting Iran

The White House’s National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has warned Russia it will pay a huge price for supporting the Iran regime.

The recent demonstrations by the Iranians have received support from the US President Trump and also the US UN ambassador Nikki Haley, calling the Iranian government should listen to its people and allow them to protest.


Speaking at a programme on Voice of America, H.R. McMaster said that both Russians and the US need to be on the same page to help the people of Iran get rid of their government. He said;

What we have seen recently is it seems as if Russia will actually act against its interests to spite the United States, the West, our European allies. How can it be in Russia’s interest to help empower Iran from the Middle East? They’re going to pay a huge price for that.

Every state, every Arab state certainly, should recognize what Russia has been doing and Russia should pay the price in terms of its reputation, its access to the region for what it is doing to enable Iran and Iran’s very destructive activities. Russia shouldn’t give cover and support to Iran so it can continue its nefarious designs across the region.

22 people have died since the protests in Iran.