Trump-Taiwan Call Spark Diplomatic Outrage Between China And US Government

Trump has been getting calls from different president ever since his shocking win in the November election, but one call has sparked outrage between Beijing and Washington after president-elect, Donald Trump and Taiwanese President, Ms Tsai called to congratulate Trump.

According to Trump transiton team, both Trump and Tsai had talked about "close economic, political, and security ties" in a phone call. 

The call had angered the Chinese government who had seen Taiwan as a breakaway province and the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has called the call a "petty trick" by Ms Tsai.

Taiwan Vs China Issue

The problem between the Taiwan and China goes back to 1949 when the Republic of China government (ROC) fled to Mainland Taiwan, and held the China's seat  on the UN Security Council and was recognised by other western countries as the only Chinese government.

In 1971, the diplomatic recognition was switched in UN, and Beijing was recognised, and the ROC government was forced away from the UN.

Only a few countries recognise Taiwan as a country, and that includes the US government.

Washington in 1979 accepted the "One China" concept, which states that Taiwan is part of China.

China has also warned Taiwan that it will use force if the country tries to gain independence from China, and has missiles pointing towards Taiwan.

The current Taiwanese president, Ms Tsai does not support the "One China" concept, and also the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Ms Tsai party has leaned towards independence from China.

Donald Trump Phone Call

The president-elect, Donald Trump before the election had called Ms Tsai to congratulate her on her winning the election in Taiwan, so in turn, Ms Tsai had decided to return the good gestures to Mr Trump.

The Trump phone call means that the US is turning its back on four decades of US protocol in Taiwan. A move that has alarmed China and might turn to anger.

One key prority of Chinese foreign policy is denying Taiwan of any feeling that it is an independent state.

Though the White house has said it knows nothing about the phone between both Mr Trump and Ms Tsai, and also confirm to China that it will stay afloat with its four decade policy of "One China" concept.