#TwitterTrending: Man Kills wife and 2 teenage children---#RIPMegan

Trending on twitter today all round the world is the #RIPMegan hashtags as we see friends and colleagues of showing love round the for the young Megan. It was said that a Florida man decided to end it all as he kills his wife and 2 teenagers, 19 years old and Megan Campbell, shot himself to the head and set the whole apartment ablaze.

Why Megan Dad (Darrin Campbell) decided to kill himself and the family is currently unknown and investigators are trying to find out the reason behind this horrible act. The house burnt down is the house of a former professional tennis player, James Blake. According to CCTV Camera released to the public, a man was seen buying gas and a lot of accelerant, the man is suspected to be Megan's dad

We will update if we have more on this news, for now, we say #RIPMegan

Some tweets around the world below:




Watch CCTV footage showing Darrin getting fireworks and accelerant before the unexpected act