#TwitterTrending: Trinidad James Dropped From Def Jam Records

Trinidad James, the Atlanta rapper who had been with Def jam since 2012 after his hit song, All Gold Everything is no longer part of the label. James who took to his twitter account announced that he had been dropped and his album that is soon to be released will be free online. The rapper who had since been trending in the Twitter USA, is been mocked by fans as he had a track where he dedicated the song to Def Jam. His fan had mocked him that afterall all what he tried to do, the label still went ahead and dropped him


He had also warned rappers or producers not to ask him for money if they hear their beat or verse on any of his song on the album as he is not going to make money with it. James no label will have an artise, that can't make hit within 2 years, please note they are not Arsenal fans (Pun Intended)

James Tweet below



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