US Ambassador To Panama Resigns Because He Can No Longer Serve Trump Administration

John D Feeley, US ambassador to Panama has resigned from his post based on his personal principle. The ambassador has resigned because he can no longer serve in the Donald Trump administration.

The news of the departure of the ambassador has been confirmed by the state department, and the State Department said that Mr Feeley decided to resign due to personal reasons as of March 9, 2018. 


In his resignation letter, Feeley wrote; 

As a junior foreign service officer, I signed an oath to serve faithfully the President and his administration in an apolitical fashion, even when I might not agree with certain policies. My instructors made clear that if I believed I could not do that, I would be honour-bound to resign. That time has come.

John Feeley was appointed by the Obama administration, and has served in public service for 35 years,serving both in the Marine Corps and State Department.