Watch How Prophet Shepherd Bushiri Scam Church Members With Photos On iPad In South Africa

A South African pastor, Shepherd Bushiri, has decided to toy with the intelligence of his gullible members, who in their multitude are yet to see him for his miracles. The pastor on of his prophetic service decided to use the iPad trick to win more accolades from church members, but we at Doy News seems to have watch close, and just look Candace in Phineas and Ferb, we seems to have bust this Shepherd.


                                             Shepherd Bushiri

In one of the prophetic service Bushiri had organized, he had brought out a man, and told him that one his children is in a group of witchcraft, Bushiri who had no doubt conspired to act a movie for the crowd, looks up into the sky like he was asking for an answer, why his partner in the act keep saying "Go deeper pastor"

Bushiri then said he was going to say the name of the child and ask the man if they had met or told him the name before, the other actor said No, and keep saying "Go deeper pastor".

At this point, Bushiri brought out another actor, the man with the iPad, and this time, he said he was going to take a picture of the child who is a child from the spirit world with an iPad. I am sure Steve job never had that extra feature into any of the iPad generation, but guess what, a South African did.

Shepherd Bushiri asked the congregation for an iPad, and quickly grabs one in the front row, and ask the congregation if he should capture the child that is a witch from the spirit world.

The Trick

Shepherd Bushiri opens up the iPad that definitely have the photo of the child, and was facing the altar of his church, while members jumped for joy expecting the miracle from the "man of God"

So on the iPad, there is a picture icon below the camera spot that stores your last picture, and you can click to bring it back at anytime, this is the button circled in red:


                                          The same icon the Shepherd had pressed...

Now watch the scam video, watch with your eyes open, don't watch this video like the guy saying "Go deeper pastor, "Go deeper papa" Laughing