We Will Humiliate Trump Government If You Provoke Beijing - China Warns

The Chinese government is not going on twitter before it can let out its own threat to the Trump administration if it intends to provoke China at the South China Sea. The warning was given by a top official of the Communist government in Russia after a USS Hooper warship was spotted within 12 nautical miles of the  disputed Huangyan  island.


While the US has called the sailing on the island as a routine part of its operation the international waters, the party official responded,

China has exercised restraint against U.S. provocations in the South China Sea, but there are limits. If the U.S. doesn't stop its provocations, China will militarize the islands sooner or later. Washington will be left with no countermeasure options and suffer complete humiliation.

The Chinese are angry with the U.S. for sailing near the disputed Huangyan without permission from the Chinese government.

Another communist official newspaper is criticizing the activities of the US in the disputed island,and warn the US that the area it is sailing belongs to the Chinese, and therefore its the Chinese territory. The paper then warns that if the US continue to use the water, it will only allow China militarize the region. The paper wrote;

Some US officials had pointed an accusing finger at China for the “militarization” of the South China Sea.

China’s sovereignty over Huangyan Island and its adjacent waters is indisputable. Aggressive acts by U.S. warships in the South China Sea undermine China’s sovereignty and security interests, and threaten the safety of Chinese vessels and personnel engaged in normal activities, violating the basic norms of international relations and harming relations between the two countries and their militaries.

Shows of strength in the name of “freedom of navigation” operations go against the common interests of all parties in the South China Sea to enhance peaceful cooperation. In fact, the situation in the South China Sea is not as bad as some make it out to be. For example, China and ASEAN have adopted the framework of the “Code of Conduct for the South China Sea,” and China is working with ASEAN to make the South China Sea a sea of peace, friendship, and cooperation for the benefit of all.

The U.S. decision to stir up trouble reveals who is behind the “militarization” of the South China Sea. For its part, China has established a consultation mechanism with the Philippines, and the two countries are discussing ways to foster maritime cooperation. In addition, China and ASEAN are expected to further expand maritime cooperation, and the two have already agreed to conduct a joint maritime exercise in 2018. It is against this backdrop of peace and cooperation that a U.S. warship ran rampant through Chinese waters.

Such reckless behavior will only hit a brick wall.

The U.S. is known to carry out freedom of navigation operation patrols (FONOP) in areas that is called international waters, and the Trump administration has increased the FONOP since the initial patrol in May 2017.