White Cop Assured White Driver 'WE ONLY KILL BLACK PEOPLE'

The video of a police officer, Lt. Greg Abbott that surfaced online few days ago have got him fired. The video showed Abbot tells a white motorist "We only kill black people."


The announcement was made by Chief Mike Register on Thursday afternoon saying;

I have known Lt. (Greg) Abbott for years and perceived him as honorable, but he’s made a mistake. I don’t know what is in his heart, but I know what came out of his mouth. We recommend that he be terminated and we are moving forward on that.

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In the dashcam video, the woman was afraid to pick up her phone from her lap,and told the officer she is scared she might get shot picking it up as she seen many videos of cops killing motorists. The now fired cop, Lt. Greg Abbott responded to the motorist "But you're not black. We only kill black people, right?"

The incident, though happened in 2016, recently resurfaced after a request from WSB-TV. 

Abbot have been in the police force for 28 years.