Wiz Khalifa Respects Amber Rose In New Freestyle

WIz Khalifa is done with his baby mama, Amber Rose, but he is not looking to respect Rose in his new freestyle.


WIz Khalifa was with radio host of BIg Boy Tv when he was challenged to freestyled on different subjects from Trump, Spagehttis and his baby mama, Amber Rose. Wiz Freestyled rapping;

“I don’t want no drama,” he rhymed. “Why you gotta bring up my baby mama? / Damn, I suppose / I’ma freestyle about Amber Rose / She’s bald head, she’s got my kid / We was married, yes, we did / I still love her, she love me too / You think I’ma talk about her, you’re through / I never will, that’s the mother of my kid / I’m right here, I’m doing it with Big / And I ain’t worried about these hoes / Because my baby mother is Amber Rose.

Wiz Khalifa rapped over Bruno Mars “That’s What I Like” instrumental.