Would You Sign This Side Chick Contract?

A side chick are ladies that men have outside their relationship, a lot of side chicks never made it to the wife level because the guy takes care of them and it is like a friend with benefit. Even though most side chicks know they are side chicks, many never gets to know.

    Side chick: The other woman; also known as the mistress; a female that is neither a male's wife or girlfriend who has relations with the male while he is in another relationship- Urban Dictionary

So a funny lawyer had drafted a side chick contract for them to sign before they get into relationships. A lot of side chicks know they are side chcks, but enjoy the company of their male friend.


Read contract here : 

  I, ____________________ , promise 2 keep my mouth shut about your business at all times. I hereby state that i will have dinner ready on the preferred specified nights upon your arrival. You, Spark them Up, will contribute 2 da light, gas and water bill as well as food contributions monthly n the amounts of but no higher than $250 n order 2 keep me in line and to make sure you can wash ur yourself after you have your way with me.

I promise to never speak to or look at your girl and and turn, you will make every effort to make sure we dont end up in the same location. I will be available to you  three nights a week and I will specify 48 hours in advance if plans should change. You will not lie and make me feel as if i am more than just a side chick and i will not introduce you to anyone relevant in an attempt to feel more relevant.

As your side chick, i also understand the hours that are permissible to call your phone and text. U are able 2 text and call at your leisure. You are not allowed to act jealous, this violates the clause to not make me feel relevant. In the event dat your girl contacts me, i am to act as if i am a girlfriend of a good friend of yours and you will follow up with that friend to play along as needed.

I will listen to your problems and keep mine to myself because you don't care. Lastly, you will buy me a gift for Valentines Day, Christmas and Mothers Day but i will accept them 24 - 48 hrs after da actual holiday.


Side Chick_______________ _____ Date________________ ____                              Cheater_____________ _______ Date________________ ____

Before you go all out, this is probably a joke, but it is true that a lot of girls are side chicks, with or without them knowing. A lot of girls will give anything to be side chicks to any of the celebrities because they believed it is an achievement and so on, or what do you say to this,Floyd Mayweather taking his 2 girlfriends to a bar and both ladies was smiling at the bar.

This might look like a slave contract, but it depends who is involves.

What is your take on this?