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Jan 12, 2019 |

The F.B.I have started an investigation on the U.S President Donald Trump on whether he is a secret agent working for the Russian government. The investigation started days after ...

Jun 01, 2014 |

7 people are dead as plane crashed and caught fire after takeoff in Massachusetts. The accident happened around 9.40pm when the Gulfstream IV was...

May 24, 2014 |

 A drive-by shooting that occurred  on Friday around 9:27pm have left seven people dead. The shootings occurred in Isla Vista near the University...

May 15, 2014 |

Both animals are lovely. But this dog in the video which is a stray dog seems to have  gotten more than he bargained for as it attacks an innocent...

May 13, 2014 |

The saga between LA Clipper owner Donald Sterling and his girlfriend has been going on for a while after she released a tape that shows the...

May 11, 2014 |

Trending on twitter today all round the world is the #RIPMegan hashtags as we see friends and colleagues of showing love round the for the young...