The river that forgets it sources dry up in a heartbeat, and 9ice have realised that and have gone back to where it all started. The "Gongo Aso" hitmaker decided to drop a new track with ID Cabasa, the producer that understands his kind of music.


9ice recently dropped "Olorunsogo", and no doubt if he continues working with ID Cabasa, he would be relevant again in the music industry and not fade off.

Olorunsogo, means God is the one that gives glory, and this track might revive 9ice glory back to Nigeria music industry.


Ruggedman and 9ice have decided to put away all their indifferences, and have once again decided to make good music. The pair came together on a track titled, Religion. 


The pair in the past had a track, Opomulero in the past where they talked and advised upcoming artiste to pick on using their mother tongue for Nigerian music, and years after they had dropped "Opomulero", it is clear that Nigerian local rappers are the one smiling to the bank, while the one singing in all English hardly gets recognized or have any product endorsement to their name.

The song is a song that tells fans that 9ice and Ruggedman are good, and this rap hopefully will bring both pairs back on the map as they both struggle to stay relevant in the Nigeria music industry.

Listen to the song here:



A Nigerian celebrity popularly known as Ruggedman faced a lot of backlash six years ago, after his friend and singer, Abolore Akande also known as 9ice released a song on his tradition album "Once Bitten Twice Shy". The song was later attributed by music fans and bloggers that 9ice was referring to his ex-wife, Toni Payne, and that the duo of Ruggedman and Toni Payne had coitus, and was caught by 9ice.


All the effort by Ruggedman to convince 9ice to clear the rumour from the song to his fans that he was not having coitus with his now ex-wife proved abortive, an issue that led to the separation of the couple.

Fast forward six years later, 9ice who seems to be struggling in the Nigerian music industry came out to say that Ruggedman was never had sex with ex-wife, Toni Payne, and he has since been forgiven by Toni Payne.

Also Ruggedman also decided to pen an open letter accepting the apology of Ruggedman in 2016. Read below :

 “In 2010 9ice released a song that made a lot of people wrongfully drag me into a terrible situation. People who miscontrued the song and it created a rumour .

A terrible false rumour that was fueled by journalists and bloggers who were only after hits on their sites.Bloggers and journalists who did not care to investigate and confirm a rumour,but chose to print and post it anyways not caring who got hurt in the process.

I remember pleading my innocence and that of Toni Paynes but social media people being who and how they are,chose not to listen.

I remember calling 9ice on the phone CIA style to talk to him about it and he was clearly heard admitting the song was not about myself or Toni Payne,but social media people being who and how they are,chose not to listen.

I remember asking 9ice to publicly clear the air on the terrible rumour,but was shocked when my friend said he would not because he was busy and didnt have time for such. Again nobody wondered why.

Fast forward 2016. six years later and I was surprised when i heard that 9ice has finally come out to say i never slept with his wife and the song was not about me and even apologised on top.That he has finally come out to say the truth about the issue that cast a negative shadow over my head and that of his ex wife for six years.

All i can do is smile because I know me better than anybody out there who insulted me over the matter. I said it then and i say it now, Michael Ugochukwu Stephens will never sleep with his friends wife.

Families and husbands you can now relax. Your daughters and wives are safe around me hahahahaha!!

To 9ice, bro you left it a bit too late. You had your chance to clear this matter up 6 years ago when it really mattered but you did not take it. I do not know why and exactly what it was that made you keep quiet all that while. I did my best to clear my name without you and moved have moved on since.

Anyways I accept your apology and thank God we are all alive.

To bloggers and journalists: You will be who and how you are,but the best and most successful ones amongst you will be the ones who actually get professional about with their work and try to investigate stories before putting it out there. I really hope you all realise its not all about the hits. Do not lose your humanity all because you want to be the first to break news.On a lighter note,if you want to break news,kindly break the news that my new song ft Olamide titled Seyi Shay will drop on cloud 9music and mtn plus tomorrow 5th February 2016.

I wish you all the best and I appreciate everybody who has been there for me.God bless us all”

 Listen to the song that stirred the controversy


9ice drops video for "O gara". The song produced by ID Cabasa ends the 9ice-ID Cabasa feud and both seems to be working together again. The new song has gained radio play across the country, and seems it is the right time for the video.


The video is directed by ALexander The Great.



Akande Abolore, 9ice has just dropped the video to one of his tracks in "Bashorun Gaa" album, Pacesetter. The track features another heavyweight rapper in Nigeria, Vector. The track is the reminder to all 9ice's competitors that as they all know that he is the pacesetter in the Nigeria music industry, and if at all they think he is gone, it's all a smoke and he is still here and capable of leading the pack.


Watch the video and see how Vector do his rap thing too...Rhaaaa



9ice, Life is beautiful

9ice, the CEO of Alapomeji Ancestral records drops his new video for a single in the Versus album, Life is beautiful

                              9ice, life is beautiful

The duo who are known for dropping classic track had done so before with the Street Credibility from 9ice's first album, Gongo Aso

 Listen to Life is beautiful here :