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Charlie Hebdo known for its controversial prints on Wednesday targeted the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. The front cover of the print shows a downpour of rain drowning some group of people carrying the Neo-Nazi flag.


It then writes; God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas.

Some of the people depicted in the cover can also be seen doing the Nazi salute. The satirical magazine has been known to post images that will target audiences, sparking mixed reaction, one of which led to the massacre in the cartoon office headquarter by 2 Islamic radicals, killing 12 people.

Recently, the magazine cover shows Theresa May as decapitated and linked the vehicular terror attack in Barcelona to Islam.



Dear Charlie Hebdo

This is my first, and hope the last letter I will write to you either privately or publicly, but I hope you pick up a few points from my epistle, and hopefully you remain safe till the very end, protecting yourself and also your staff.


First of all, I am deeply sorry for the senseless killings of your members of staff by the 2 brothers on 7 January 2015. I am sure that the pain still lingers in your mind just like it is what we remember whenever we hear the name Charlie Hebdo or read about you online, before now, you were just another comic magazine in Paris.

After the attack, and seeing how people all over the world came together in solidarity and created the hashtag "Je suis Charlie", I did not use that word, all through the day, I went about my normal day, though said one or two prayers for you, and most importantly, it was the day a whole town in Nigeria, Africa was bombed for no reason. The people in Baga did not draw a cartoon, it was another act of terror.

After the years, I have seen what you guys have posted, which prompted me to do my little research on Charlie Hebdo itself, and what I see on your website amazes me, such as

Charlie Hebdo is a punch in the face....

Against those who try to stop us thinking.

Against those who fear imagination.

Against those who don’t like us to laugh.

I am not sure what you mean by a punch in the face, but what I know is that when you keep on punching people, two things are meant to happen 

1. You get punched harder

2. You are crushed.

If getting punched back harder is Ok for Charlie Hebdo magazine or getting permanently crushed is fine, then I suggest you should move on with your satire. If it is ok to have police safeguarding your office, following you to your office, restaurants, home and everyone just to monitor you are not beaten or shot on the street, then it is Ok.

I have read all the things you have drawn, maybe I agreed with it or not, but some of the jokes are tasteless, and why art could be used to send a message, I have read through the different scenarios of your art, but it is just a pencil and another drawing to me.

There are lots of ways to make a mockery of any situation and still be able to do it right, but your recent issue on the earthquake that killed people in Amatrice in Italy is an indication you are just set of people that live in a world where you are promised freedom of speech, but say it and hid behind the police, your drawing doesn't make people think, instead incite violence.

What is Satire

Satire is a genre of literature, and sometimes graphic and performing arts, in which vices, follies, abuses, and shortcomings are held up to ridicule, ideally with the intent of shaming individuals, corporations, government or society itself, into improvement. Although satire is usually meant to be humorous, its greater purpose is often constructive social criticism, using wit to draw attention to both particular and wider issues in society. -Wkipedia

What have the people that died in the earthquake as to do with your magazine? Is there something we don't know as people, or was it the government that created the earthquake? Why did you have to mock those people and ridicule them to pasta dishes.

You make fun of people/government shortcoming. One question of what I am about to see is when will you make a cover design of your tragedy in 2015 as a front page cover? I would like to see that as a satire. 

The moment you can draw how the two brothers came in and started shooting, and your people running around the office for cover as a front cover, then we can believe you are actually satirical, and you can overstep all boundaries.

There is freedom of speech, and I am happy you are using it for what makes you think and laugh, but I am sure you know I enjoy the same freedom of speech and also the freedom to criticize, and I think I just use both to ask 1 question: 

Is it satirical or dumb?



While the world mourns the death of people at Amatrice, Rome, after they were hit with a 6.2 earthquakes last week, satirical magazine in France had seen the disaster as comic for their new magazine, and had depicted the victims caught under the rubble as pasta dishes.


The magazine has come under fire as it mock the town of Amatrice, home of spaghetti all'amatriciana,  a dish with ingredients including tomato sauce, and guanciale ham.

According to the new cover, the magazine shows 2 men standing next to a  pile of rubble from which feet can be seen. Each of the standing figures has been named after a pasta dish.The bandaged man is shown under the words penne tomato sauce, a woman with burns is depicted as penne gratin, and bodies lying beneath layers of rubble as lasagne all beneath the heading "Earthquake Italian style".

On the same page of the vignette, a caption reads: “It is not known whether the earthquake shouted ‘Allahu Akbar’ before striking.”

The satirical magazine came into limelight after an attack at their Paris office where 12 members of the company were shot dead by two brothers, Chérif and Saïd Kouachi after they mocked Prophet Muhammed.

The latest cartoon had sparked outrage among people that had seen it, calling their recent drawing tasteless and unfair.


Charlie Hebdo, a controversial satirical magazine that was previously attacked for publishing a satirical image of Prophet Muhammad is again receiving death threats after since it published the cartoon of naked Muslims on its cover.


                             Charlie Hebdo latest issue showing the naked muslims 

The Charlie Hebdo cartoon released last Wednesday features a man and another woman at the beach with exposed genitals. The woman was shown wearing  a shoulder-length veil, while the man has a long beard, and the picture has a caption that reads; “The reform of Islam. Muslims, loosen up” (“Musulmans de-coin-cez-vous”).

Since the issue was released, staff at Charlie Hebdo have received more than 60 death threat messages. One of the staff received a message that reads “You will die."

The co-shareholder, Eric Portheault while speaking to a French Newspaper, Le Parisien, said that the threats have all been reported to the Paris police, and the magazine had been getting such messages since the beginning of summer.

Some death threats were received during the UEFA 2016 football championship after the magazine showed a French footballer, Antoine Griezmann in a shape of a vibrator.

The magazine staff has been working under police protection since January 2015 ater an attack that left 12 people dead, after Charlie Hebdo makes a mockery of Prophet Muhammad on its magazine cover.


                              Charlie Hebdo cover that causes the 2015 attack on the magazine


The French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo has released the latest issue of their magazine featuring the drowned Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi on its front cover. The magazine known for his controversial content was attacked eight months ago by Muslim extremist killing 12 people in its Paris office, after it featured a cartoon mocking the Prophet Muhammed.


The death of Aylan Kurdi, who was fleeing with his family from the Syria civil war was shared all around the world, alerting the government and gives public support to the refugees. The Charlie Hebdo who had claimed that its freedom of speech cannot be altered had also steered public anger to themselves, the same public that had supported them eight months ago during the attack in their Paris office.

The new front-page of the satirical magazine shows the dead Aylan Kurdi, with a translation over his body that says "So near his goal"  and shows the dead boy body facing the sand and another sign posted near the dead body, showing a children's clown with another translation that says "Promo! 2 kids menus for the price of one".

Another cartoon that was drawn also shows a cartoon of drowning boy, with legs up in water, and an image that is supposed to be Jesus walking on water, and has a caption;

      Proof that Europe is Christian. Christians walk on water - Muslim children sink."


The images were drawn by artist, Laurent “Riss” Sourisseau. The political cartoonist has had to be chaperoned at all times by armed, plain-clothed police since the attack on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters