Charlie hebdo latest issue

Charlie Hebdo known for its controversial prints on Wednesday targeted the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. The front cover of the print shows a downpour of rain drowning some group of people carrying the Neo-Nazi flag.


It then writes; God Exists! He Drowned All the Neo-Nazis of Texas.

Some of the people depicted in the cover can also be seen doing the Nazi salute. The satirical magazine has been known to post images that will target audiences, sparking mixed reaction, one of which led to the massacre in the cartoon office headquarter by 2 Islamic radicals, killing 12 people.

Recently, the magazine cover shows Theresa May as decapitated and linked the vehicular terror attack in Barcelona to Islam.



Charlie Hebdo, a controversial satirical magazine that was previously attacked for publishing a satirical image of Prophet Muhammad is again receiving death threats after since it published the cartoon of naked Muslims on its cover.


                             Charlie Hebdo latest issue showing the naked muslims 

The Charlie Hebdo cartoon released last Wednesday features a man and another woman at the beach with exposed genitals. The woman was shown wearing  a shoulder-length veil, while the man has a long beard, and the picture has a caption that reads; “The reform of Islam. Muslims, loosen up” (“Musulmans de-coin-cez-vous”).

Since the issue was released, staff at Charlie Hebdo have received more than 60 death threat messages. One of the staff received a message that reads “You will die."

The co-shareholder, Eric Portheault while speaking to a French Newspaper, Le Parisien, said that the threats have all been reported to the Paris police, and the magazine had been getting such messages since the beginning of summer.

Some death threats were received during the UEFA 2016 football championship after the magazine showed a French footballer, Antoine Griezmann in a shape of a vibrator.

The magazine staff has been working under police protection since January 2015 ater an attack that left 12 people dead, after Charlie Hebdo makes a mockery of Prophet Muhammad on its magazine cover.


                              Charlie Hebdo cover that causes the 2015 attack on the magazine


The French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo has released the latest issue of their magazine featuring the drowned Syrian boy, Aylan Kurdi on its front cover. The magazine known for his controversial content was attacked eight months ago by Muslim extremist killing 12 people in its Paris office, after it featured a cartoon mocking the Prophet Muhammed.


The death of Aylan Kurdi, who was fleeing with his family from the Syria civil war was shared all around the world, alerting the government and gives public support to the refugees. The Charlie Hebdo who had claimed that its freedom of speech cannot be altered had also steered public anger to themselves, the same public that had supported them eight months ago during the attack in their Paris office.

The new front-page of the satirical magazine shows the dead Aylan Kurdi, with a translation over his body that says "So near his goal"  and shows the dead boy body facing the sand and another sign posted near the dead body, showing a children's clown with another translation that says "Promo! 2 kids menus for the price of one".

Another cartoon that was drawn also shows a cartoon of drowning boy, with legs up in water, and an image that is supposed to be Jesus walking on water, and has a caption;

      Proof that Europe is Christian. Christians walk on water - Muslim children sink."


The images were drawn by artist, Laurent “Riss” Sourisseau. The political cartoonist has had to be chaperoned at all times by armed, plain-clothed police since the attack on the Charlie Hebdo headquarters