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The Chinese government will now target and prosecute thousands of Chinese that went online to berate the government's handling of the Covid-19 epidemic. The government has started this tough measure to clamp down on speech by different doctors, nurses, independent journalists, foreign journalists are kicked out of the country and critics of the government have now been detained.

More than 5,000 people have gone missing, detained, and information they had put online deleted, in a war led himself by the Chinese President Xi Jinping himself. Also, around 897 cases have been documented for different online speeches and information they had shared during the epidemic in Wuhan.


According to the Chinese Human Rights Defenders (CHRD), 467 in February were sanctioned and some of the punishments they have melted out includes, administrative detention, criminal detention, enforced disappearance, fines, warnings/interrogations, forced confessions and 'educational reprimand. 

The charges brought against people includes, "rumour-mongering," "fabricating false information," “sowing panic,” “disturbing public order,” and "breach of privacy." Seven doctors were also warned not to speak publicly again about the virus after questioning.

Citizen journalist and lawyer Chen Qiushi have not been reachable since February 6th after he started a live streaming in a hospital in Wuhan, rights activist and citizen journalist Fang Bin have also been detained since Feb 9th and former anchor with state broadcaster CCTV, Li Zehua, can't be reached as well since Feb. 26th.

Property tycoon Ren Zhiqiang is now under party investigation after an essay where he criticized President Xi on March 12.


A Chinese man is not happy with his parents after he found out they bought him a small apartment for his wedding. 


According to a video which has now gone viral, the man was seen bitterly complaining and beating his parents because he feels the apartment they had bought him for his wedding his too small.

The incident was filmed outside a real estate sales office in Harbin. Passersby was starting to get involved in the incident before the police whisked him away.

Watch the video of the clown son here:



Security footage has shown how a Chinese woman, Xiang Liujuan, 31-year old saves her son in an escalator accident before falling to her death. The video started as the woman hold her son on an escalator to the fifth floor of the mall, but as the woman and her son reaches the top of the elevator, the escalator panel suddenly opens up at the top, and the woman plunges inside it, but not before saving her son.


There were 2 other women standing at the front of the stairway, and seems to be telling Xiang about the escalator malfunctions, but it was late, as it kills the woman, though one of the ladies tried rescuing her, but could not help the woman.


                               The woman son

It was reported that maintenance has just been carried out on the escalator at Anliang department store in Jingzhou in the central province of Hubei, but the maintenance staff forgot to screw the access cover back into place.

After a 4 hour rescue operation, she was declared dead when they found her body on Sunday afternoon.




China Netizen have slammed a woman in a debate after reports that she won't smash her BMW car window to rescue her child from the car. The mother, who has not been named has denied the reports making rounds that she did not break her BMW glasses because of the expenses, she said she had tried to break the glass with stone and hammer to no avail.

When firefighters arrived at the scene, two locksmiths were working on opening the door to rescue the kid, and the boy's mother insisted that they have more time in opening the door. The firefighters continue to negotiate with the boy's mother, who asked them to wait and not break the glass. The crowd who was not present at the scene are not starting to condemn the woman for allowing her child to stay in the car for more than 1 hour.


                                  Photo courtesy: CCTV News: BMW Windows smashed

Some of the crowd scolded her and ask if she is trying to save money because of the cost of replacing the glass. After unsuccessful attempts by the two locksmiths, the firefighter insisted on breaking the glass for the child who is not frightened.

Users on China microblog, Weibo started a full discussion on the incident, these are some comments by Weibo users:

Is the car or the life of the son more valuable?

In order to save a child’s life, we should not hesitate to break the car, let alone the window.

As a parent, I could never make it an hour seeing my own child crying inside the car! This mother must be of excellent psychological disposition

The woman who later responded to the story by speaking to a local newspaper,Qianjiang Evening News, said :

 Of course my son is the top priority, a piece of glass just cost a thousand [renminbi]," she told the paper.

Another firefighter at the scene of the incident also corroborated her story and said that the mother was only trying to give the locksmiths some time to see if they could open the door because she had tried using stone and hammer, but it scares the child inside the car.


                        Photo courtesy: CCTV News: Crowd at the incident

Netizens have now turned their back on the media and are attacking them for assassinating the character of the woman and not making their finding.

Unconscionable journalists and irresponsible editors, they are the culprits of rumors!" said one Weibo user.

This is not the first time that the media reports indiscriminately to draw readers’ attention," wrote another. "Compared to a mother who hurried to save her son, the story that a BMW owner refused to break the car window for money has obviously more dramatic conflict."

Some journalists know that ‘Dog Bites Man’ isn’t really news, so they try to rewrite it as ‘Man Bites Dog,’” one Weibo user wrote Thursday morning. “In the end they just cause a big stir.”

The woman asks that all untrue story about the incident be deleted.