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As many countries continue to warn Chinese National to be peaceful and respectful to their host, some Chinese nationals have decided to throw decorum into thin air as they exchanged furnitures of a restaurant in Cambodia and engage in public brawl, until they were carted away by local police officers.


The fight was reported to have started at the Eu Ouy restaurant, at 3 am on March 12, 2019 in in Sangkat Tonle Basac, Khan Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh. According to the report from eyewitnesses, three nationals, including a woman, the group had started an argument with another Chinese group, that would later lead to a fight, damaging the furniture in the restaurant.


When the first group of Cambodians left the scene, the two Chinese men remaining from the previous fight, then pick another fight with some Cambodian men at the same restaurant.


Police were later invited to the scene, and they took all the wrestlers away for questionings.



China is looking to bring in talents to the country, and will look to give them long term visas to stay in the country. The visa will be given to people with talents, scientists, entrepreneurs, technology leaders who are willing to move into China.


China has set out this goal to allow social and economic developments in the country, and the new immigration law is set to benefit more than 50,000 foreigners.

The Chinese government said that visa applications can be done for free online, and its process will be fast. 

When given visas, applicants are allowed to bring their family members, and are also allowed to stay for a maximum of 180 days at a time.


Hanoi, Vietnam: Two foreigners have been left stranded in Hanoi and have decided to ask the Vietnamese public for help. The photos of the couple surfaced few days ago on different Facebook account, soliciting for help at the entrance of the temple of literature with a cardboard with them, they had written that they were robbed on their journey to Hanoi and had lost money and other valuable goods in the tune of $1000.


The couple, Tautvydas, 25 and Milds, 27 years from Lithuania had been in Saigon for 3 weeks and just used 3 days in Hanoi when they were mobbed. Some of the things they lost are their travelling documents, 400USD, and other stuffs, a total of 700-800 usd, the travellers revealed in an interview with Docbao.

They couple said that they had reported the case to the nearest police station in Hanoi, but due to the language barrier between the police and the 2 foreigners, the police did not offer any help. 

Since they had lost all their belongings, no help from the police and Lithuania embassy is not in Hanoi, they resorted to begging on the street for funds. They said they had asked a Vietnamese to help us write on the board what we had lost and our current situation, so people could help us. The couple had said they need to apply to China, so they could go to the Lithuanian embassy in Beijing.

The case of the 2 foreigners had caused a lot of debate between the expats community community and locals, both online and offline.

The Police Response To The Allegation

The police in Ba Dinh district, Hanoi has refuted claims by the couple, the police said that the foreigners came to the police station and reported stolen assets totaling $1,000, but they had left the police station 10 minutes after they came in and refused help by the district police command. Docbao reported.

Hanoi Rock Hostel & Fifty six Lounge has offered to help the tourists in with free accomodation till they could go back to the embassy.

The managing director of Hanoi Rock hostel & Fiftysix lounge said : 

    They are foreigners, they lost the map or scamming at the scene, I don't know, I can not guarantee 100% that is the truth, or they themselves just asking for help. But we still invite people to      come and help  Their eating is completely on us.

    Now they want to go to China and don't want to go home.  We have agreed on visas for them. They will leave Vietnam to China after six days.

The Foreigners Released A Statement

Tautvydas decided to come forward and address the situation of what had turned into a massive debate in the expats/Foreigners community. A lot of people have condemned the duo for what they believed to be shaming foreigners or expats in Vietnam. Some of also said they are game plan was a scam by the foreigners and just needed money to fund their other trips. Some have said the pair are ripping off the poor Vietnamese community instead of adding to it.

To clarify their current situation, Tautvydas joined the Hanoi Massive group on Facebook, a group by Expat community in Hanoi, Vietnam and wrote an epistle of what exactly happened:



 Tuan Nguyen for Doy News