divorce and remarriage

Marriage is one of the oldest institution in the world, but till date, people still break away from their marriages all over the world. The reasons people divorce is best known to them, and people drop out of their marriages at any point in time, people divorces themselves after 5 years, 10, 15. Kim Kardashian ended her marriage with Kris Humphries in 72 days. So what are some basic reasons couples divorce?


Arguments: Couples argue a lot, arguments is one of the ways to get easily divorced, because both parties will never come to terms or agree on each other opinion, causing chaos in the happy home you planning to build.

Couples must always come to terms and respect each other point of view and perspective, not showing any form of respect for your partner share point of view will always results to arguments without solutions, and escalating marriage issues. Resolving your arguments and coming to terms is a sure way to show that your marriage is coming together.

Always remember arguments are bound to come up, no matter how many years you dated, or married.

Infidelity: This is one of the fastest way to break up a marriage, no matter the years you have been together. Sometimes, having a feeling that your wife/husband is having fun with someone else outside your marriage will always affect the other person. Divorces loom in your marriage and it will drop in a bang.

Any cheating partner won't last in the marriage, immediately the facts are established and it is true, the marriage is dead, not many people reconcile after an infidelity claims as it makes them uncomfortable in the marriage, seeing the other partners around.

Immature Lovers : Most marriages ended up because one or both partners are not ready or immature. The lovers might be in constant argument and fighting and when you sit them down, you feel ashamed to why they have been quarrelling in their marriage.

Immaturity can be into different things, it might be because the couples are young and have not spent quality time with each other to know what the other partner is like or will be when they are married. 

A lot of people are still young for marriage, they might not know it, but it is true. This is one of the reasons you find a 26-30 years old lady already saying they are a single mom or dad.

Unrealistic Expectations: The Single male/female has entered into the marriage institution because of unrealistic expectations, some believed it was the best way to make them happy after a long year sadness, some had believed it was a way to make them fulfil their financial obligations to their parents.

Marriage comes with its own issues and conflicts, everybody deals with their issue under their roofs, marriage is not a smooth home drive, but a roller coaster. 

Couple must be ready to face the challenges of marriage together and drop any unrealistic expectations, they must drop what they had seen on TV's or heard from friends. It is time to be real, when you are in a marriage, it dawns on you and all unrealistic expectation cannot be fulfilled in such circumstances.

Inequality: A lot of ladies out there feels like men believed they are the one that should be running the house and make most decisions. So women have decided to stand up against this inequality i marriage and believed to have a say in marriage.

So men especially (controlling ones) should give the honour to their wives in their marriage and make sure everything in the house is done equally. Also the responsibility of the house needs to be a shared responsibility and not just for the husband or the wife. Inequality leads to divorce.

Abuse: Abuse in marriage is now on the rise in marriages. Men beat their wives on the slightest provocations, while some ladies will stay and believe such man will come back to his real state of health, some quits the marriage.

Marriage abuse sometimes leads to death of the victim and injuries, and a lot of NGO is asking people to come and speak out on marriage abuse. It is one of the reasons for divorce and most people will go on divorce when they realized they have been married to a serial marriage beater or someone that takes joy in abusing them.

These are the major reason of divorce in most part of the world, and the rate of divorces in a lot of countries is increasing per year. What are the reasons we had missed in this edition, please comment below.