English premier league

This is a hot argument for us at the Doynews house today and we decided to share our opinion about the recent EPL coming to an end, as we all witnessed the 3-3 draw between Liverpool and Crystal Palace. Every bet was on liverpool when they played against Crystal Palace, until they failed to secure a win..

Moving forward, we are all waiting for the match between Manchester and Aston villa, but 95% of football lovers believe that Manchester City and also the fans of Liverpool are all hoping for Aston Villa win or a draw to give liverpool a chance of the Barclays premiership title.

Putting out the question yesterday on twitter and i remembered i was backlashed by some angry fans of Manchester city, and i was told even if i dream about it, it will never happen. Now these are my reasons i was not allowed to share yesterday on twitter.

Aston Villa game against the top 4 including Manchester City

     Aston Villa 1-0 Chelsea
     Aston Villa 3-2 Man City
     Chelsea 2-1 Aston Villa
     Liverpool 2-2 Aston Villa
     Arsenal 1-3 Aston Villa
     Aston Villa 1-2 Arsenal
     Aston Villa 0-1 Liverpool

Hoping Aston Villa will repeat it's feat as they played home to Man City. It's going to be a deciding match when they play and we are looking forward to it....it is a countdown to one of the important game this season....I am putting my bet on Aston Villa...what about you?


As the premiership game comes to an end, and all eyes on who is going to be the winner of the prestigious league, the title hopes was dashed for liverpool last night as they played against crystal palace in the hope of winning the match to be ahead of Manchester city.

The match started with liverpool scoring their 3 goals in the 18th, 53rd and 55th minutes respectively. But the the table was turned around in the 79th minutes after a long range shot from Damien Delaney and another double from Dwight Gayle 81st and 88th minutes respectively after a total colapse in the liverpool defense.

This will give the Manchester City the opportunity of turning the table around if they win the match against Aston Villa which everybody at the moment believes its a ride in the park for the last season runners up team.

Current league standing of the premier league 2014



This is the repetition of exactly what happened in the UEFA champions league final between AC Milan and Liverpool, when Liverpool was down with 3 goals only to come back with a draw, and won the match on penalties.


I love soccer game so much, but since am always busy on my computers, i prefer to watch them online...and sometimes, the TV wont show matches because of some other programs...so to avoid this i searched for ways to watch my favorite English premier league online and recently have 2 different ways of watching the matches live without going to the bar or using the TV...:)

 To watch the live matches, you need 2 programs 

 1. Sopcast (You can download sopcast here http://sopcast.en.softonic.com/)

 2. VLC (You can download VLC here http://www.videolan.org/vlc/index.html)

   MAC users can download VLC here (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-macosx.html)

    Most people have the VLC...if you do, you can skip the downloading of VLC and continue with the next step..

 3. Install Sopcast

 You can read about Sopcast if you follow my link above....but basically, its a P2P streaming app so you don't need huge bandwidth to watch the matches..

 4.open Sopcast on your desktop or anywhere you place the program when installing

 Sopcast allows you to login as anonymous...You can also create your account if you like to login using a user name and password...I always login as anonymous though :D

 Sopcast logs in easily when you login as anonymous

 5.Go to Options (at the bottom --> Click Option)

 6.Under the general tab ----->Choose external player---->choose the "Use my own media player."

 7.Click on select and search for the VLC icon in your PC

 Tip:  C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe (This is the standard link if you have not changed your installation path when installing VLC)

 Accept this, and restart Sopcast. Start a channel, wait until it has buffered > 30%, and then select the below button;            


  8.Open VLC --> media---->Open Network stream --> http:// and press ok. But Sopcast and a channel should be running first (as usual)!

 just close the previous channel you should see a symbol on the channel on SOPCAST <<..Use it to close the channel..don't exit SOPCAST, all the channels on Sopcast seems to be showing the EPL matches on English premiership days...so its quite good for watching the EPL...since its P2P you don't need huge bandwidth....with the network stream address above...you will watch the match on Wiziwig.tv...my favorite channel..........................

I will share with you a free software that allows me to watch TV in all countries, listen to radio and also watch live sport..

 I love Sopcast with VLC because the of the low bandwidth it uses in playing the matches....I support Arsenal though...

 So watch the next match with your computer...

 Oh...you are about to say thank you....Its Ok friend...enjoy the EPL......

 Write a comment if you need help....