An American man, Marco Ramirez has been held in Kirikiri Maximum prison, after he defrauded Nigerians $565,000 US green card and investment scam. 

The man was arrested by the Nigerian anti-graft agency after he was caught collecting money from Nigerians while promising them of US green cards, and also promise to get some other victim green card if they invest in some business in the US.


According to the EFCC prosecutor, Mr Ramirez was in the managing director of USA Now Plc., Eagleford Instalodge Group and USA Now Capital Group – committed the offences between February 2013 and August 2013, and committed the crimes between February 2013 and August 2013.

One of Marco's victims is Amb. Godson Echejum whom he collected  $545,000, telling him the money will serve as an investment in the US, which then could be used to grant him the US green card.

Another one of his victims is Abubakar Umar, who paid $10,000 for an investment company that also never existed. 

Mr Olukayode Sodimu also fell for Marco scam, and also paid $10,000 for facilitation fees with the American Immigration Services for an American green card.

Mr. Ramirez pleaded the no guilty charge against all the allegations, and he was then remanded at Kirikiri prison, and his case adjourned till June 3rd.


Israel: A secret inquiry into the corruption charges of Israeli prime minister, Benjamin Netayanhu will now be a full-blown investigation by the police. The police authorities received a new document on Monday for the investigation that had been done secretly for nine months.


The police have now turned to the Attorney for permission that will allow them to open the full investigation into the Prime minister alleged bribery and aggravated fraud.

The secret investigation started nine months ago after a green light by the Police Chief Roni Alsheich, and the investigation was carried on by a special police unit Lahav 433, who had also demanded full secrecy and no leak to the media.

Responding to the alleagations, the prime minister spokesperson said that;

it’s all nonsense, Since Netanyahu’s victory in the last elections and even before, hostile elements have used heroic efforts to attempt to bring about [Netanyahu’s] downfall, with false accusations against him and his family. This [latest attempt] is absolutely false. There was nothing and there will be nothing.

Earlier this month, there was a call for the prime minister to be investigated after his role in the defence ministry deal to purchase submarines from the a German company partly owned by the Iranian government.

The issue created a debate among the country as citizens debate the prime minister might be swayed in the decision by business ties his personal counsel David Shimron had with the submarines’ builder, ThyssenKrupp. The purchase was opposed by parts of the defence establishment, including former defence minister Moshe Ya’alon.


Lagos, Nigeria: Lagos State former Speaker of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Adeyemi Ikuforiji, and his aide, Oyebode Atoyebi will face new trial for an alleged fraud of 500 Million Naira belonging to the house.


The Court of Appeal in Lagos has decided to set aside the ruling of a Federal High Court that had cleared the speaker and his aide of a 56-count charge of conspiracy and laundering the sum of N500 million.

The new trial date is set after the Court of Appeal in a unanimous judgement set aside the verdict of the trial judge, Ibrahim Buba, after the Economic and Financial Crime Commission made out a prima facie case against the ex-speaker.

Justice Biobela Georgewill, who delivered the case to the Court of Appeal also said that the trial will start afresh before a new judge, and not Ibrahim Buba.



Two Nigerians have sent out a petition to the Vietnam embassy in Lagos accusing a Vietnamese man of duping them in a wood transaction business.

Dr Peter Sonaike, Chairman of Peter and Grace investments, accused Mr. Cuong Tran Khac, owner of a Truong Khac Lam Limited of 66, Tan Phong Hamlet, Tu Liem District, Hanoi, Vietnam of ripping off at least 32 different Nigerians in business dealings.


In a petition written to the Vietnam embassy in Nigeria by the legal council of Dr Sonaike, Okafor and Okafor. Cuong has refused to pay the sum he owed Dr Peter Sonaike, a sum of $47,160 after he received a shipment of woods from Dr Sonaike company.

Another woman,  Mrs Olubakinde, accused Cuong of paying her the sum of $77,000 after she had shipped the wood as requested by Mr Cuong company.

The petition of Peter and Grace investments states that :

Despite the delivery and clearance of all 11 containers, Mr Cuong and his company Truong Khac Lam Limited refused to make payments for them. Mr Cuong and his company now claim that they bribed Vietnam police and Vietnam Customs to clear our client's containers.

Also, contrary to practice, Mr Cuong and his company claim that they paid demurrage on our client's containers, despite taking delivery of them within 14 days of the arrival of the containers in Vietnam during which the containers enjoyed free storage.

All relevant documents get to him and the shipment is on the high seas, but he kept giving excuses. The containers were sent in August 2014 and they got there as scheduled

Cuong had sent an email to Dr Peter Sonaike and said :

Since I received your shipment, the market suddenly stopped, plunging commodity prices with no brake. Our company was bankrupt. I myself have to find a new job for a living wage through this.Therefore, I am writing to apologise to you about this issue. This is an unfortunate mishap, but I absolutely do not want to cause. I want to make nice with you. I hope you will forgive and give me a chance. I will borrow and redo from the beginning when I have money I will pay you gradually.


The former governor of Imo State, Ikedi Ohakim was granted bail by a Federal High Court in Abuja for a sum of N270m. Ohakim was arrested last month by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for the N270m that was allegedly perpetrated in 2008, while he was the governor of the state.


Justice Ademola Adeniyi, while ruling on the bail application filed by Ikedi Ohakim, also ordered the prosecuting agency, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, to submit the accused person passport and other travel douments to the deputy chief registrar of the court.

As reported by Punch, the court had on Wednesday ordered the ex-governor to remain in he custody of the EFCC, pending his application bail the next day, Thursday.

On the bail application hearing on Thursday, the defence counsel, Chief Chris Uche (SAN), urged the court to grant the bail request of his client, and told the court that his client's passport and travel documents have been seized by the EFCC, and he has also remained faithful to his bail application granted to him by the anti-graft agency.

But the prosecuor, Festus Keyamo, opposed the bail for Ohakim. He said the court should not grant the bail, but instead grant an accelerated hearing for the accused.

The judge during his hearing, said that the accused person had placed sufficient materials before the court and he warrants granting him bail.

The former governor was arraigned before the court on three count charges of fraud, which includes a cash payment of $2.29m(N270m) for a property in Asokoro in Abuja. The governor who was the governor of Imo state between May 2001 and May 2007 failed to declare the property when he was arrested by the EFCC in November 2008. He had connived with Tweenex Consociates H.D. Ltd to hide the ownership of the house and portray him as a tenant of the property.

The offence committed in 2008 was in violation of section 15(1)(d) and section 14(1)(b) of the Money Laundering (Prohibition) Act, 2004, respectively.