Recently I have discovered this new app for Android called unified remote, which lets you connect your android phone to your computer and you can control programs, keyboard and mouse. So you can control almost everything on your computer. You can also upgrade it to premium for $4 , that will allow you to have more control over your PC.

1) You should first install on the computer you wish to control, go to this link and download it for your computer

2) Now you will need to install the application and start it.

3) Now go to this link and download it for android and install this application on your phone, do this 3rd step from your android phone

4) Once its done, on your android you will only need to follow the instructions.


Even if Apple is not happy with the Copyright infringement, i must give thumbs up to the Android developers because they have developed different applications that would have been used to deceive phone users many years to come...and this really created job opportunities for developers too...we should always look at the positive side of things sometimes even if we are affected..God bless Apple company...God bless Android developers...

Check the Video Demo below for Unified remote