hate group

Apple is taking a stand against hate groups and white nationalist websites by blocking Apple pay support on the websites that sell goods and receiving payments via Apple pay.

Websites selling sweaters with Nazi logos, bumper sticker depicting a car crashing into protesters (Reference of an incident that happened at Charlottesville), and T-shirts emblazoned with "white pride."


Apple is yet to publish an official statement on blocking of the websites, but according to the company’s guidelines for Apple Pay, the payment platform cannot be used on sites promoting hate, violence or intolerance.

The company CEO, Tim Cook in the wake of the violence in the country posted a tweet that reads;

We’ve seen the terror of white supremacy & racist violence before.It's a moral issue - an affront to America. We must all stand against it.

Other brands fighting against hate white supremacist websites include Godaddy and Google, after they removed the alt-right website, Daily stormer from Godaddy, while Google also blocks registration of the website after a blog on the website in the wake of Charlottesville violence.

Uber, Facebook, Twitter, Mailchimp and Wordpress have all taken actions via their platform after the attack. People trying to give out houses to White supremacist coming for the rally were also banned on the Airbnb website.

Some websites affected by Apple pay ban includes americanvikings.com and vinlandclothing.com