In this write-up, i will show you how to authenticate Instagram app to be used on your website as you need.

Generating the user ID or Access token on your Instagram account can allow your user login with their Instagram account to your website or the authentication can also allow you to display your Instagram Videos/Images on your website, and will sync with your website anytime you upload a new picture on your Instagram account.


                              Click 1, then 2, or just click Register your application, either way, you need to login first

To authenticate Instagram API, most times will need you to have a User ID and access token

How To Generate Instagram Access Token And User ID

  1. Login to your Instagram developer account, using your username and password
  2. Click "Manage Clients" and "Register New Client"
  3. Enter all necessary information, but in the Valid redirect URIs, which seems to have changed recently, the right information you should add is: (Put your website name into the field)


  1.  Note that you will need to fill in the whole field, and when it is all done, "Create Client"
  2. You will be given your Client ID and Client secret. (For some app or API, these two information is what you need, but some requires User ID and Access token. So how do you get both?)
  3. Copy this link and paste it into your browser web address:
  4. When you paste the link, you will receive a pop up that will ask for your authorization to present you an access token, Click "Approve", and a random number in this format will be presented to you; xxxxxxxxxx.xxxxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx . Be sure to keep the access token in a safe place...It is very important.
  5. Your user ID can be generated with this link easily : 

This is a sample User ID for Kim Kardashian


Facebook, the owner of the Instagram app has decided to bring one of Facebook favourite features, Live video to its Photo-sharing app, Instagram. 

The company is launching a live video, and messages that disappears after a short time to the time. 


To use the new features, users will be able to press a button when creating a story on the app to "go live" on the app. When you go live on Instagram, your followers, like Facebook will receive the notification that you are live on the Instagram app.

Your followers will be able to watch the video and leave comments on the video, or you can choose to disable comment for your live video.

The new feature on Instagram is same thing as what is on Facebook without the emoji reactions.

Also Instagram users can now send photos or videos to your followers privately.

The "disappearing messages" will start rolling out today, while "live video" will start rolling out globally from next week.

Watch video of the new features: