The Chinese head of the international police agency Interpol, Meng Hongwei has disappeared after a trip to China on September 25. According to family members, Hongwei had left the Interpol HQ in Lyon, France, but was later not seen after he landed in China.

According to a quote from the The South China Morning Post, Hongwei was taken away by "discipline authorities" to an unknown location, and also the reason for the abduction.



The Chinese authorities have not released any public statement, and might disapprove of Meng;s wife involving the French authorities, as former abducted high personnel in China are not reported, and the family have instead hoped for a safe return as they fear any foreign intervention will anger the Chinese authorities.

Interpol Reaction To The Disappearance Of Meng

The agency has now put up a tweet via their official page acknowledging that disappearance of their president;


Before taking the position at INTERPOL, Meng was the deputy minister in charge of public security in China and also  a senior Communist Party official in China .



INTERPOL is currently looking for Pieter Cuelen, 60, who had escaped Belgium after he was asked to serve a sentence of 19 years for Child pornography by the Antwerp criminal court. He is reported to have escaped justice to Cambodia.

The court found out that Pieter had molested children in both Philippines and Cambodia, and that includes the three foster children he had adopted. He makes videos of the molestation of the children and babies that are only 2-3 months and would share the videos with his friends. He was caught in this act when an undercover FBI agent gained access to the hard drive via the peer to peer GigaTribe network.


Pieter would pay Asian women online to see them grope their children while he watches, he would instruct the women on what to do and how he wants it. He then also went to the Philippines to molest children aged between 2 and 4 years old.

When his house was ransacked, police found a hard drive of 700 gigabytes containing more than 400,000 different videos of child pornography, a collection police believed he had been working on for fifteen years.

Pieter is reported to have appeared in Siem Reap, Cambodia and was looking to build an orphanage, but was traced and reported by APLE, an organisation that has been helping molested kids. He was reported to the Belgian authorities and the FBI, he had even donated €25,000 to the police in Antwerp to help build a child-friendly interrogation room for sex abuse victims.

Pieter said in court he was also molested as a child by the owner of Amersfoort, but the court has denied the claim as an excuse.