iphone 7 release date

Apple is known for being one of the most secretive company when it is about to release a new product/hardware to the market. But, recently, we have heard rumours that the new iPhone 6S/7 are in the pipeline, and we might be buying them come September.

With Samsung new  Samsung Galaxy S6 and  HTC One M9, it is no doubt that the pressure is on, and Apple needs to come up with a special  something for their fans come 2015. 


                     The iPhone 7 concept done by Netherlands-based graphic designer, Yasser Farahi

During the recent WWDC, Apple revealed the iOS 9, but what everyone is waiting to see is the new hardware from the tech giant, known for its surprises with different phone releases.

Why fans await for the releases of the iPhone 6S and 7, different rumour has been flying around the different colour, and also the integration of the new Apple watch.

Possible iPhone 7 Release Date

Following Apple phone release traditions on their previously released iPhone like the iPhone 5S and 6, they were both released in September, and Apple might love to do the same for the iPhone 7, taking advantage of the Black Friday and also the Christmas period.

Apple might also release a iPhone 6S and probably an iPhone 6c. 

According to a source that spoke to BuzzfeedApple will follow a repeat process of when they announce the last iPhone on September 9.

The company intends to hold a special event the week of Sept. 7, with Wednesday the 9th being the most likely date, wrote BuzzFeed's John Paczkowski.

If Apple is going to go along that way, the new iPhone 7 should be released on September 9.


                  Picture courtesy -CIP

iPhone 7 Specs

The new iPhone will come with the latest iOS 9 software. Surprisingly, Samsung will be building the iPhone A9 chip. According to Reuters, 75% of the chip will be made by Samsung, Apple archenemy.

The phone A9 chip is reported to be smaller, allowing for more transistors onto the silicone.

The iPhone battery is one of the best batteries in the smart phone market, but Apple will also build a low power mode into the iOS 9 to allow the battery stays longer than the previous products.

Though Apple has resisted updating the RAM of their smartphones, but the new iPhone maybe come with 2GB of RAM

iPhone 7 Price

iPhone in the past doesn't take it so easy on the pocket before now, and it looks like iPhone 7 will be taking the same highway. According to experts, the new iPhone might set you back £539 for a 16GB model, the price of the current iPhone 6.

The other iPhone 7 with larger storage, that is the 64GB and 128GB, will go for £619 and £699 prices.

iPhone 7 Design And Camera

This are important features the consumers are looking out for in the iPhone 7, and iPhone 7 is set to come with a front-facing camera flash, a feature no other phone manufacturer have come up with, and in this world of selfies, this might come a long way for lovers of selfie.

According to developer Hamza Sood, who discovered some big clue in inside the iOS 9 code, the camera is set to have a 1080p resolution, 240fps slow mo, panoramic capture, flash.


And this will also allow Facetime to run at a full 1080p high definition. The current iPhone 6 and 6plus can only run at 720p definition. This will definitely work for the like of Kim Kardashian and her sisters, as well as other selfie-snappers out there, who prefers using the front camera to the rear camera view.

Another rumour going round is that Apple will be adding a new colour to the iPhone 7 sets, aside from the grey, silver and gold options