Lionel Messi

Argentina's Lionel Messi is considering retiring from International football after his side lost the Copa America final to Chile on penalties. The known world best player with different accolades to his name says he is giving up after losing  four major competition finals he played with Argentina.


Speaking after his team lost the game to Chile, Messi said;

This is tough and a difficult time," Messi, the Argentina team captain, said. "The first thing that comes to my mind and that I have thought is that the end has come for me and our team [Argentina].

It has been four finals -- it just wasn't for me unfortunately. I looked for it, and wanted it so bad, but it didn't happen for me.

Messi later talked about a cabal of people in Argentina who had wanted him to retire from International football, and looking more upset said;

I think this is best for everyone, firstly for me and for a lot of people that wish this," he said. "The team has ended for me, a decision made. I tried many times [to be champion with Argentina] and I leave without being able to obtain it.

When he was asked if he is finally leaving the team, he said;

I think so. I don't know, it is how I feel and think right now. This is a huge sadness and I missed the penalty.

The 29 year old world football star missed his first ever penalty at the Copa America final with Chile after the two played stalemate for 90mins, and another extra time without a goal from both sides. 

Although Chile missed one of their kicks, midfielder Francisco Silva converted Chile's final penalty to give the lads a 4-2 win over Argentina, second time in a row.


Lionel messi nutmeg Gerard Pique

The Barcelona teams seem to enjoy fun themselves too during training. In a recent training of the team, Lionel Messi decided to give the whole team a laugh by nutmegging one of the best defenders in the world, Gerard Pique.


He picked up the ball like he was going to pass it, then brilliantly nutmegged Pique, and got the whole team in cheering mode.

He also smiled about it, and i guess it is fun to laugh and let it go if the world best player nutmegged you.


Lionel Messi, known for keeping his cool during intense times on the field could not do so, after the Argentine held France international, Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa by the throat and connects his head with Mbiwa head in a friendly match against Roma.

Barcelona and Roma were in a face-off for the Joan Gamper trophy, when Messi and Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa had the clash. With Barcelona leading 1-0 with Neymar strike.


Messi was furious with Yanga-Mbiwa and grabbed his throat, before headbutting him. The referee came between the two players, and Messi was lucky to not have been sent out of the pitch with a red card, instead, both players were shown the yellow card, and the match continues.

Messi during the second half of the game, scored another goal to put his team more ahead or Roma.