Metrojet airline crash

A plane caught fire in a New York busiest airport, JFK, while taxiing on the runway of the busiest airport.

According to pictures taken by onlookers, the jet was shown with flames spewing from its fuselage as it is stays at the airport tarmac. 


The flight, Aerolineas Argentinas flight 1301 was headed to Buenos Aires, Argentina, taxied back to the gate, and crew rushed to the scene of the plane to help with the fire.

According to eyewitness, there was an explosion, and followed by flames coming out from the fuselage. Another passenger travelling with the plane said that he was filming takeoff, when there was an explosion and the right engine caught fire.



Islamic State on Wednesday released a photo in their magazine of a "Schweppes Gold Soft Drink" used to make the improvised bomb that blows up the Metrojet airliners that killed 224Russians on board the airline over Egypt's Sinai Peninsula last month.

The photo released by the Islamic state magazine shows a can of "Schweppes Gold Soft Drink" and something that appears to be a detonator and a switch on a blue background. The three components if genuine are likely to cause concern for airline safety officials worldwide.


The English language Dabiq Magazine said in a reference to Russia and the West that "The divided Crusaders of the East and West thought themselves safe in their jets as they cowardly bombarded the Muslims of the Caliphate, and so revenge was exacted upon those who felt safe in the cockpits."

Along with the improvised device is passports of the victims of the plane crash obtained by the group. The group claimed that it exploited a loophole at the Sharm al-Sheikh airport, to be able to transport the bomb into the plane.

The Islamic States published that it had initially planned to bring down a plane belonging to a country that is part of the U.S led coalition bombing it in Iraq and Syria, but changed after Russia picked on the group with its recent airstrike.

Th group wrote ;

A bomb was smuggled onto the airplane, leading to the deaths of 219 Russians and five other crusaders only a month after Russia’s thoughtless decision. This was to show the Russians and whoever allies with them that they will have no safety in the lands and airspace of the Muslims. 

That their daily killing of dozens in (Syria) through their air strikes will only bring them calamities