Nigerian scammers

Police have arrested a 67-year old Louisiana man, Michael Neu who had swindled people out of hundreds of dollars, while acting as a middle man for the real scammers in Africa.

The scam involves someone claiming to be an official in Nigeria, and will let the recipients believes they had won $1million in inheritance. The victim is now tricked into sending their personal information, which would then be used to scam these people of their hard earned money.


In a 18 months investigation, the police uncovered the plot of Neu, who had participated in the scams, and had participated in the hundreds of scam, and had help wire the money to his co-conspirators in Nigeria.

He is currently facing  269 counts of wire fraud and one count of money laundering.

Over the years, Internet users are faced with the different spam emails that has been claimed to be coming from a "Nigerian Prince" who needed help moving money to his country, while giving out large sums in commission to who helps him with the transaction. At the end, a lot of people fall victims to this scam artist.

Slidell Police Chief Randy Fandal warned people not to give out their personal information over the phone or via email, and not wire money to people they don't know.

A Nigerian fraudster, Godwin Nwaofor, 36, that has been part of an organised crime known for extorting money worth millions of pounds from his vulnerable people, especially the old and disabled in the United States have been arrested and sentenced to 7 years in jail.

Godwin uses the money he makes to fund his luxurious lifestyle of champagne, fast cars, luxury apartments. His method of scam involved sending fake letters and emails to people telling them that they had won the Australian lottery, and they should cash their winnings by calling an agent, which will be Godwin using another alias. He would then advise that they pay taxes and fees before they could get the prize.


Another method that he uses involves telling the victims to open a new bank account, and he would send them a cheque, ask them to cash the cheque and send the money on the cheque to him, after they had done that, the cheque would later be found to be fake and bounced, leaving the victim in debts.

Among Godwin's victims is a man from Mississippi who paid over over a $100,000, and another is an 81-year-old who had suffered a brain tumour, but Godwin won't stop calling the old lady, and another is a disabled former marine who is told to make round trips of 120 miles to make transfers to the fraudsters.

Nwafor was arrested in May 2014, and the phone and SIM cards found in his possession are the numbers used in contacting the victims. Another associate of Godwin is Frank “Fizzy” Onyeachonam, who was arrested for his role in the scam and jailed for 8 years in July 2014. The two men worked today sending messages between themselves and sharing the lists of potential targets, they had called the file "Suckers list", and it contains thousand of potential victims.

Though he (Godwin Nwafor) claimed to be a cleaner, making £10,000 a year, however, he had a large sum of money in his bank accounts, lived in a luxury apartment in London’s Docklands, drove expensive cars and runs a four-figure bar bills at exclusive nightclubs.

Nwafor was found guilty of the crime at Old Bailey's court on September 2 and was sentenced to 7 years in Jail and a deportation after his sentence.


Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: The Vietnamese police have arrested a Nigerian, Eluma Francis Chukwubueze in is hotel in Bui Vien, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam for defrauding vietnamese women to a tune of $7,000. 


Eluma Francis Chukwubueze, 37 was arrested after an investigation by the police. Francis mode of scam is he makes friends with the Vietnamese lady, and pose as a rich foreign man, using different name and aliases.

He was arrested after he scammed a 48 years old woman in Binh Thanh, Ho Chi Minh. He asked the woman to send him $250 in exchange for an iPhone5s, a camera and also a laptop. On May 20, the woman sent Francis the money.

Francis accomplice, who impersonated an airport officer, called the woman and said her gift is being held in Malaysia, and she will need to send $2,500 as an additional fee. The lady who feels something is wrong, called the police who later tracked him down and arrested him in his hotel.

The police are not sure of how many Vietnamese women have fallen for this man's trick, but Francis told the police he had gotten $7,000 in the last four months.