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Kevin spacey,

Actor Kevin Spacey in recent times have been embroiled in a rape scandal accusation, after Anthony Rapp said the house of card star actor raped him when he was 14. 

In recent news that recently surfaced online, Kevin Spacey could be seen giving a man oral sex when hiking near Chatsworth, California. According to mediatakeout, the images were taken in March 2000, after the actor was first seen at a newstand, then he went to a Studio City restaurant, and met the man who seems to be in his 20s.


See the images of Kevin Spacey with the mystery man;

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Kevin Spacey since the allegation of Anthony Rapp had seen Netflix cut ties with him, and other men comes out to accuse the man of sexual molestation. Netflix removed Kevin Spacey from the production of house of card for next season, and won't release his movie, Gore, which was already in post production.

Why a lot of partners will love to go extra length to please their partners by going giving oral sex, a new study has showed that giving oral sex increases the risk of throat cancer, and victims have been said to contact STD called Human Papillomavirus.


The STD has been said to appear in the mouth and can lead to throat cancer or cervical cancer in women.

Human Papillomavirus does not directly cause cancer, but they change the cells they infect, making them cancerous. It causes head or neck cancer faster than alcohol or cigarettes.

Symptoms Of Throat Cancer Includes:

1. Mouth ulcer that will not heal for weeks.

2. Red or white patches in their mouth.

3.Unusual bleeding

4. numbness and speech problems.