Africa biggest group, Paul and Peter, or as we know them P-Square is back together after the family bad blood that spread across the media.


The duo released a grand comeback, and this one is called "Bank Alert." 

The video tells a story of 2 lovebirds in a small town, but were not allow to love themselves, and after 5 years, what happens?

Watch the video and enjoy this new P-Square comeback, it's no doubt a banger.


Trouble in P-Square entertainment circle, and this time is between the manager of P-Square and also their cousin, Jude Okoye and singer Peter Okoye. And in the most embarrassing sack ever, Peter sacked his cousin and manager of the duo on Twitter.

The whole saga happened recently when Peter, who undeniably have been angry with Jude went on Twitter and wrote a series of tweets about his relationship with Jude and then said he stood on his ground that Jude is fired.


Read the tweets here: 


Not to confuse the fans, Peter decided to let the fan in on some of the secrets happening in the group, and he does split a lot, and the female reggae artiste, Cynthia Morgan was also dragged in the series of tweets.






With all these tweets, it is clear to fans that  a separation might be imminent as the duo, Peter and Paul had always been together in music, but even before the tweets,they seem to be doing things differently, including the "Dance with peter" and not Dance with Psquare. 

Also recently, Paul was single-handedly signed as an ambassador of Nigerian Urban Reproductive Health Initiative (NURHI), something that would have been P-Square. 

In few days, we probably would know where this is headed, but at the moment, Paul seems to support Jude and not Peter's side.

It happened before, and from the looks of things, one of the P-Square duo, Paul aka "Rudeboy" is not having a fine day. Though his intention is not clear, but he started a new hashtag on his Instagram page, #mybest40songsofp2.


Why is this a news?

Since the duo started singing, their fans have never asked who produced or writes a song, we all believed it was a joint effort of the group P-Square and we all enjoyed their music home and abroad. But this according to some fans and Doy Media house crew isPaul believing that is effort is not appreciated in the group. 

He had said he produced, wrote and performed all their hit song by himself, while a lot of us might not see anything bad in self-appreciation, we believed some things should remain in the unknown world for people to guess.

We wish the group stays together and hope no trouble in the Square villa. The boys should appreciate themselves and a mature person can help settle any feud between the duo.








So at the end of the day, he ended with this...


What do you think? Do you think it is normal? or do you think it is going overboard?

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