Ralia Odinga

The Kenya supreme court last Friday nullified the presidential election in Kenya, after it called it unconstitutional and had called for a new election within 60days. The election was initially won by incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta before it was nullified.

The opposition members that were initially planning a protest to the win, took to the street and jubilated the announcement by the supreme court, as this is the first election in the East African nation to to be nullified.


                               Ralia Odinga supporters celebrates after the supreme court decision

Responding to the Supreme court, opposition leader, Ralia Odinga said;

It's a very historic day for the people of Kenya and by extension the people of Africa,For the first time in the history of African democratization, a ruling has been made by a court nullifying irregular election of a president. This is a precedent-setting ruling.

The election petition was submitted to the supreme court by Odinga, and the court ruled in his favour, 4-2. Odinga claimed that the electronic voting results were hacked all in favour of his opponent, Kenyatta, who won the election by 54% vote.

Kenyatta while responding to the court ruling said he "personally disagrees" with the ruling, but he respects it,he however, went ahead and lashed out at the judges saying  "six people have decided they will go against the will of the people."

The supreme court did not put the blame on Kenyatta or his party, but the electoral commission in the country. It said the EC "committed illegalities and irregularities ... in the transmission of results, substance of which will be given in the detailed judgment of the court" and it will be published in 21 days.