Saigon Robbery Fighting Club

John David Ablett

British man, John David Ablett, 44, has been arrested in Saigon after allegedly robbing a convenience store at the  Bùi Viện pedestrian street. According to the report by the police department at the Nguyễn Cư Trinh Ward in District 1, David had attacked the store at 12am, then ran to a park near Pham Ngu Lao, also at district 1.


When the police were informed of the robbery, they immediately went after the foreigner, and later caught him in the park with him with a knife which was seized, and £77 in cash (2.6million VND).

The case is currently under investigation.



Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam: A video has appeared on the internet where a young man stopped 2 bike robbery in Saigon. The video shows the 2 armed robbers (One in blue shirt) trying to attack the vigilante with a knife to intimidate the young man to facilitate their escape, but the young man will not bow down to threats.

                   Vigilante and thief

                                            The suspects and their loot

The thieves have found motorbikes parked in an alley and wanted to take it away, the young man would not allow them have it easy. Even they he was attacked by both thieves, he kept fighting back and sending the enemies away, and they could not escape

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The young vigilante is the member of the Saigon Robbery Fighting Club, a club dedicated to fighting robbery around Saigon. The members are volunteers who assist the police in stopping crimes that happen around their community.

Police recovered the motorbikes and arrested the criminals.