Police in Russia are currently investigating a new crazy trend in Russia that sees young people taking selfies with dead people. Different photo has been posted online on the popular Russian website, VK. 

The Russian social media group " Selfie With The Deceased" has said it will pay anyone with the best selfie, and also recently announced it will pay £50 for anyone that take a selfie with a 13-year-old girl that has been killed in a car crash.


The group owners have asked Selfie takers to smile for the camera, as the dead as gone to a better place.

The group page now has over 500 followers, and the page is full of macabre people taking selfie at different funeral homes. Police are now investigating after a report of a money offered for a 13-year-old girl that lost her life in a Syktyvar road collision.


A spokesperson of the Syktyvar police department said:

  We are working to elucidate the circumstances surrounding these reports and trying to determine whether one individual or a group of people are behind this.


Police have identified the name of the group administrator as Alfred Polyakov


Picture courtesy of the Sun Uk