Sofia letter to President Obama

President Obama and Sofia from Massachusetts

Massachusetts, USAA 9 Year old girl from Massachusetts, Sofia had written to President Barack Obama to add a woman to the US currency. Sofia, who got a special invitation to the annual white house easter egg roll.

                President Obama letter to Sofia

Sofia, a third grade students said :

 I was studying Ann Hutchinson, who stood up for women’s rights,” she says. “Almost everyone who chose a boy, on their poster they had pictures of different dollar bills or coins with their person on it. So I noticed, why don’t women have coins or dollar bills with their faces on it?”

She later got home that day and wrote the president a later :

                       Sofia letter

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President Obama later talked about the letter in one of his speeches about a girl from Massachusetts, who had asked him to add a woman's face to the US currency. Since it was mentioned, a campaign to add a woman's face face to the $20 dollar bill has  gone viral. More than 220,000 people have voted on the online poll conducted by the W20 group. 

Some of the women nominated to be on the $20 bill are : 

ALICE PAUL (1885 - 1977)

BETTY FRIEDAN (1921 - 2006)

SHIRLEY CHISHOLM (1924 - 2005)

SOJOURNER TRUTH (C.1797 - 1883)

RACHEL CARSON (1907 - 1964)

ROSA PARKS (1913 - 2005)

BARBARA JORDAN (1936 - 1996)

MARGARET SANGER (1879 - 1966)

PATSY MINK (1927 - 2002)

CLARA BARTON (1821 - 1912)

HARRIET TUBMAN (C.1822 - 1913)

FRANCES PERKINS (1880 - 1965)

SUSAN B. ANTHONY (1820 - 1906)





Sofia finally gets a reply from President Obama, and it reads

          President Obama reply to Sofia


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