sorcerer killed in Salah al-Din

ISIS, the Islamic state of Iraq has recently released a video and picture of a man who was beheaded after being accused of sorcery and witchcraft. The pictures of the beheaded man were shared by different supporters of the group via social media and also the group known executioner, Jihadi John who is known as Abu Bakr al-Britani.

The gruesome act was said to have taken place near Tikrit in Iraq's Salah al-Din province, a place where Iraqi army and Shiite volunteers had great success forcing the ISIS terrorist to withdraw from in recent weeks.

The images of the man were uploaded recently with caption that he is a sorcerer, the time of the beheading is not known. In the photos uploaded, the man was blindfolded, wearing a jumpsuit while a long bearded ISIS terrorist lifts an 18-inch Kukri machete to behead the man whose head was placed on the beheading stick.                   

The head of the man was placed near his body, the same way the British and American Journalist, James was placed after they were beheaded by Mohammed Emwazi, known as Jihadi John.