US Visa,

The US congress has approved new visa program that will allow 3,500 Afghan facing threats to their lives move to the US. This is a special immigrant program that is meant to help Afghans that helped the US troop during the war, serving as interpreters and otherwise.


The program was about to hit the rock in March, and US embassy in Kabul stopped interviewing applicant or issuing visas,  and the embassy had said this will continue until Congress acted.

In May, Congress acted and approved the visa for 2,500 people. This is part of a government spending bill in May.

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire applauds the recent act of progress to approve the 3,500 visas program, she said;

“Afghan civilian interpreters risk their safety and the welfare of their families to aid US forces,” Shaheen said in a statement. “Their service to our nation and mission in Afghanistan has saved American lives on and off the battlefield. I’m glad to see support from Congress for my effort to authorize additional visas so we can ensure the protection of our courageous interpreters and support staff.


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