Wayne Rooney

Paul Parker, former Manchester United player from 1991 to 1996 while commenting on Wayne Rooney, Manchester United striker, said the play is now "Overweight And Slow", and he is not longer worthy to play in the new Jose Mourinho led new team.


Paul Parker said;

This is a defining season for Rooney. It's no longer about him breaking records but finishing his career at Manchester United. He needs to show his worth and that he deserves to be in the team and not just because of marketing.

As much as people appreciate what he's done over the years and how many goals he's scored, football is about now and being judged on now.

If someone had only heard of Wayne Rooney but saw him now they'd think ‘Who is this fella? He's overweight and slow.’ It looks like he can't move or shift his body quick enough.

Wayne Rooney scored against Bournemouth in their opening game last Sunday, but that is not enough to say that Wayne still has enough left to command a place in United’s starting line-up.


Wayne Rooney might be heading to the US to join the MLS at the end of his contract, come 2018. According to reports, Wayne Rooney has been getting calls from his former teammates, David Beckham, urging him to lead his own team he will be operating in 2018.


Beckham intends to start the football club in 2018 and has been receiving calls from players and different contacts, showing interest in the team that is set to launch 2018. The new team will be using a stadium near the Marlins baseball ground.

Wayne Rooney has plans to move to the United States after his career at Manchester United, and since he has been there for holidays, he seems to like the country, and also the football.

When the MLS commissioner, Don Garber was asked about the Wayne Rooney entry to MLS, he won't confirm the report because of the friendship between himself and the Glazers, owner of Manchester United football ball where Rooney is currently playing.

Garber said;

He’s under contract at Man Utd. I’m personally very friendly with the Glazers. To even be talking about it while he’s under contract I guess isn’t the way we operate. We don’t do that. We wouldn’t do it.


Manchester United captain, Wayne Rooney and vice-captain, Michael Carrick have complained to their coach, Louis Van Gaal about his method of training the players. The players complained that the method of LVG makes them look like "Robots" and looks like they wear "straitjacket" on the field of play.


The coach has also ordered that the non-playing staff can no longer eat with the players at the club's Carrington training complex, and instead should eat their lunch in a separate room.

Wayne and Rooney have met with LVG after their win against Tottenham,and were only able to get a shot on target, and have only won the match by a Kyle Walker own goal. Rooney and Carrick told the coach that the players are not energized on the field as they no longer enjoy the game of football.

Things got worse when the players were told they could not get a single day off for three weeks as they prepare to play the champions league qualifiers.

The coach has not yielded to anything the players told him and has made no attempt to change the rigid methods.