computer ransomware

The recent ransomware, Wannacry has affected more than 100,000 organizations in 150 countries has brought happiness to a Taiwanese Netizen who also was a victim of the ransomware.


The Netizen email the customer service of Wannacry ransomware after his PC got infected, and said that he only makes $400 monthly, and he couldn't afford the 0.345 bitcoin he was asked to pay. He wrote; I only make US$400 a month, you really wanna do this to me?” saying that he couldn’t afford the ransom to decrypt his computer"

He then got a response from the customer service representative at Wannacry that said they will switch his computer to decryption mode as they had over-estimated the average income of normal Taiwanese.


Human resources and other relevant network administrators need to be aware of a new computer ransomware virus in town called PETYA. Unlike previous ransomware, Petya does not encrypt a particular file extension, but instead goes into the MBR of the computer to overwrite it completely.


The ransomware was revealed by the security researchers at Trend Micro, and the new ransomware is going after companies, so it can attack the whole system at once. The ransomware causes a blue screen of death (BSOD), and won't allow users to boot from to safe mode, you turn on the system, and all you see is a skull on a flashing red background.

Petya targets the HR department of the company in the form of a CV from an applicant. The CV will then show a link to Dropbox to download file, and when the link is clicked, the hard drive get all encrypted, and distrubuted too.

Users will be allowed to decrypt the website after a payment of 0.99 bitcoin (($412.50)  which will double after one week.

See PETYA in action in this video: