Saudi Arabia attacks

According to Belgian intelligence reports, some documents from Gulf Arab-financed mosques promotes the anti-Semitic and stereotypes of jews, and also calls for the persecution of gays. The reports acquired by OCAM national terrorism monitoring centre see a document that called that gays be stoned to death or thrown off buildings, and describe jews as "evils."


The reports say that the documents retrieved shows contents with xenophobia, radicalism and anti-Semitism.

The mosque that teaches this problematic content is sponsored by the Saudis, and the Belgian government has said it will terminate the half-century old lease on the mosque because of the contents its promote. It is currently run by the Muslim World League.

The manual also tagged jews as "corrupt, evil and treacherous people" and call for "war"  and also call its members to attack people that do not follow Sunni Islam.

The result of the latest development is the ongoing investigation of the suicide bombings that kill 32 people at the Brussels airport, and metro station in March 2016. The Islamic terrorist group claimed responsibility for the killing.


The recent bombings at Medina, Qatif and Jeddah in Saudi Arabia, killing four people might have  been done by the Riyadh government. According to a prominent Palestinian journalist, Abdel Bari Atwan, the bombings were done so that the Saudi government can also claim to be a victim of ISIS and use that to push forward its own political agendas.


According to Atwan, unlike most bombings done by ISIS in the past, the group never claimed responsibility for the attack in Medina, or any of the other 2 cities. We saw how the group was fast to claim responsibility for the bombings in Belgium, Bangladesh, France and other part of the world, it had bombed, a move which raises a bigger question on why it never claimed responsibility for Saudi attack.

Saudi Arabia has always opposed the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and had asked for a green light to deploy its troops into Syria to fight ISIS, but was never given the green light by Washington, and when the bombing occurred, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir went to Washington to once again offer to send troops to Syria to fight ISIS.

Atwan has said that the US secretary of state is currently looking at Jubeir offer, and the recent "planned bombing" might have been done to soften the ground to lay good points on Jubeir offer.


The next wave of attack in the Muslim world this week is Saudi Arabia. Three different cities in Saudi Arabia were hit in the last 24 hours and four people have been reported dead from the attack. 

The city of Medina has recorded the worst attack after four people died and another one injured. Medina is a major spot and respected town by Muslims as it was where Prophet Muhammaed (S.A.W) was buried.


The bomber was targeting security officials, but at the time of report, we are not sure of the people killed in the attack.

Qatif, a city in Eastern Saudi Arabia was attacked by a bomber who attempted to launch an attack at a Shiite mosque, but failed, killing himself in the process, according to official report, no injuries were recorded.

Near a US Consulate in Jeddah, a bomber killed himself after detonating an explosive, policemen were injured when the explosives went off.