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May 07, 2017 |

Emmanuel Macron has won the French election in a decisive victory over his opponent, Marine Le Pen. 


Dec 06, 2016 |

Angela Merkel has called for the banning of the full-face veil in the country. The German chancellor called for the ban during a speech at her...

Nov 28, 2016 |

Angela Merkel sounds to have regretted her decision in allowing million of immigrants from Africa and East Africa into Germany last year, the open...

Nov 26, 2016 |

A notorious UK Paedophile, James King has committed suicide while in prison as he feared fellow inmates would 'sugared' – doused...

Nov 22, 2016 |

President-elect Donald Trump grandfather,Friedrich Trump, a German, was reportedly banned from Germany after he failed to do military service. A...

Nov 08, 2016 |

A schoolboy, Will Cornick  is serving a life sentence with a minimum of 20 years in jail after stabbing 61-year-old Spanish, Ann Maguire multiple...

Nov 04, 2016 |

France interior minister,Bernard Cazeneuve, has ordered the closure of another four mosques that allegedly preach a radical ideology, a move by...

Oct 28, 2016 |

Former UK Prime minister from 1997-2007, Tony Blair has suggested that the UK should be able to reverse his position on Brexit. He said this...

Oct 11, 2016 |

Jaber Albakr, a 22-year-old refugee in Germany and also planning an attack on German soil was apprehended by the police on Monday in the eastern...

Oct 02, 2016 |

A new therapy designed by a team of scientists from five UK universities has cured a British man of HIV using a new therapy. The patient is one of...

Sep 05, 2016 |

A Palestinian boy, Mustafa Nimr from the Dahieh al-Salam neighbourhood in 'Anata town was shot dead by Israeli forces deployed to the Shu’fat...